Does anyone else have problems sleeping? Even when I get a full nights (7 or more hours) of sleep I still feel exhausted! But just falling asleep, staying asleep, waking up and going straight back to sleep is not easy. It seems to be when my blood sugars are high especially but can really happen most nights. I was wondering if other people experience this and what they do or if this might be a separate issue that I need to go to the doctor for.

I usually wake up well rested after 7 to 8 hours interrupted time in bed - I get up to test BG at about 3 AM every day. I do wake several times during the night but can usually get right back to sleep. I get back to sleep by trying not to “solve the problems of the world”, like why is my BG so high.

I may be the opposite of you; I find that when my sugar is running low I have difficulty sleeping and I’m too stubborn to get up and get something to eat. It wasn’t until the last 6months since I’ve been wearing an activity monitor (Vivofit) that I realize how little sound sleep I actually get.

If you are not waking rested, you may want to bounce that off your doctor on your next visit.