"Sleeping beauty"

hey everyone, i thought i would share my horrifying experience with yall, to show how important it is to take care of your sugars. So here it goes:

It was finally June 29th, today was the big day, the day i had been waiting for all year. I had just graduated, turned 18 and now i was going to europe. 4 countries, 3 weeks. I dont think i had ever been so excited. I was going with my school, and i believe there was about 23 of us; we were all backpacking. Everything started off amazing, iceland was breathtaking, poland was inspiring, and then we arrived in prage, a beautiful city with red roof tops. We were all exhausted, and just jet lagged in general. some of the girls wanted to go out and walk around, but some of us wanted to stay in and rest, so the girls who decided to venture out told us theyd bring us back dinner. They brought us back pizza, and of course i ate some.
Around 3 am i woke up with a stomach ache, and i ended up rushing to the bathroom to throw up. I’ve thrown up before with no consequences so i thought it was no big deal, so i went back to bed, only to be woken up a few hours later with the same stomach ache. Although this time i wasnt lucky enough to make it to the bathroom. Anyways, i fell back asleep, but when i woke the next morning i continued to throw up, and did so for 24 hours. My teacher moved me into her room in fear i might get some of the other girls sick. I checked my sugars, took my bedtime needle and finally fell asleep.
My eyelids felt so heavy, and i didnt understand why. i heard my mothers voice but this made no sense. i was in europe, she was back home in canada. Then i realized there was something very wrong and i was no longer in my bed at the hostel. Slowly i tried to open my eyes, it seemed to be one of the biggest struggles i had ever dealt with, but i succeeded. My vision was blurry and the light stung my eyes. The next thing i knew i was being bombarded with questions, a man was asking me my name and how old i was. i remember being so annoyed. i fell back asleep.
Waking up the second time was better, thats when i was finally told what had been going on.
I had been in a coma for 5 days. I was in the ICU at a hospital in prague. My blood sugar was 47.9 when i was admitted, i had a shallow heart beat, a core body temp of 26 instead of 36 and i was severely dehydrated. Thats when it hit me… i had almost died. My mom had flew out to be with me because she was told i was in very poor condition, so i really had heard her voice as i was waking up.
I had been restrained to the bed, since i kept ripping out my IVs. I had bruises all over my body and large cuts on my fingers from them checking my sugars. I was a mess. I had to learn how to walk again. i couldnt remember left from right, and i couldnt write. I had never felt so weak and for once in my life i wasnt hungry at all.
I slowly began to recover my strength, and after 7 days i was finally allowed to go home.

Thats pretty much it, but i wanted to share this because it can happen to anyone at anytime, so please take care of yourselves if you ever become sick. Waking up from a coma is not fun.

OMG! @Hailey! How did this happen! Was the stomach ache a virus? How unbelievably scary! I am so happy that you are here, and able to tell your story!! I read this post two times and had the same chills go through my body both times. Wow, just wow!

@gina They think it was food poisioning, however, none of the other girls had gotten sick, so we really dont know But thank you, this situation really put things into perspective for me.

Wow!! I am glad that your still alive to tell this incredible story!!

@farmersdaughter ya, its made me look at things a lot differently! its a story ill be able to tell my kids one day hahaha!

OMG!!! THAT WAS LIKE WHEN I GOT SICK ONCE (only i was in oklahoma city lol) Anyways…

One time i went to texas to stay with my grandmother and grandfather. It was my first time staying there with out my parents and I was a momma’s boy. One day my pump decided to be stupid. Of course I was 4 or 5 at the time and I did not even really know what this electronic box is connected on my body. I suddenly started barfing one day I was screaming and crying the whole time like most little ones. Anyways my mom had to come all the way from tulsa to a town called savoy, Texas back up to oklahoma city where i woke up to having all this stuff connected to me i felt much better. I had to get a shot and when I was little i thought that I was cool because I was so tough taking shots every day. the rest of the night i had fun playing in the wheelchair and eating jello (lol).

But that sounds really scary what happened to you! hope life is good today and good luck!!!

Hope i did the name tag thing right.