Sleeping too much, not hungry

Hi my name is Anamarys. Im 25 yrs old and I found out just recently that I have T1. I've been giving myself 10 units a day and I'm trying to control my sugar. The lowest it has been since I left the hospital has been 170. What are helpful tips on trying to lower your sugar or controlling it? Since I've been injecting myself I find that I can't sleep at night but my body just wants to sleep all morning and afternoon. I get so sleeping that I don't feel hunger what so ever. Before my eating habits were bad, I feel they still are. Is it normal to sleep so much and specially during the day? I find myself forcing myself to get up and eat and run right back to bed. So my daily routine is all crazy....Does anyone feel that way? I don't have friends or family members that can relate to what I'm going through and would love to get some feedback on the subject.

Thank you


Hi Anamarys.  If your lowest is 170 then you have no doubt some much higher readings.  When my blood sugar readings are  say 225 and above I can sleep the day away.  When I'm sleepy and shouldn't be I need to do a blood sugar check. I know it sucks checking all the time (before and 1 hr after meals, before bed and when you wake up) when you are new to this, but it really needs to be done, after a while it will be as routine as brushing your teeth. Lowering the numbers you have generally involves gradual increases to your insulin dosing, eventually you will manage insulin changes on your own.  The initial changes should be discussed with your doctor, or diabetes educator.  I'm neither of these so I can't give you specifics on how this should be done.

Good luck and keep asking the questions.

Thanks for responding my post. Usually when I wake up and check my sugar I'm looking at 240. I can't wait to see my doctor this friday to get some questions answer. The other night I took my aunt to the hospital, she had her sugar at 396 and they were only able to bring it down to 347 and they let her go home. Isn't that still pretty high? This a whole new world...

I wanted to add that sometimes having higher bloodsugars can cause symptoms of depression in some diabetics from what I've experienced and what I've heard people on here talking about. You usually have to wait to find a good rate for correction through trial and error. I can guess that once you get your numbers back to a happy healthy range, you will find a normal appetite and sleep pattern return.

Keep us updated!

That is so true. I've been depressed and super sensitive. I find myself spending a lot of time alone. Glad to hear I'm not the only one feeling that way. My family has never lived with a diabetic and I know they want to help but I end up crying everytime we talk about the subject. My mom is still on denial and thinks I need to stop injecting myself everyday. I want her to come with to the doctor on friday so she can hear for herself that I need the insulin. Has anyone had problems with the family?

I recommend not eating things with sugar and drinking plenty of water to wash out all the sugar from your system. You do have to keep checking your BS and give insulin. I get sleepy when my BS is high. Are you finding it easy to eat things without sugar?

Yes your aunt was still really high when released but Im sure if was probably still coming down . I find when i am that high it takes a long time for it to come down.

I went, and am still going through the very same thing! I was first diagnosed when I was 15, am now 21, but still go through the struggles of highs and lows.

I know its hard now, but going to the Dr. on Friday will make you feel so much better! Make sure you ask around for a great endocrinologist to make sure that you are getting the right treatment ( I went to a lunatic before, not fun) .

To see that you are already on juvenation is a great step! I've been diabetic for 5 years and just now decided to join and talk to people like me. It is hard to have something that no one else has. And the family members that have type 2 cannot neccessarily relate.

My dad was and is still in denial and doesn't know how to handle it very well. For me, I think it is very important to bring your parent(s) to the dr. with you. Alot of their fear and denial is because they don't understand and they may feel like it is their fault.

Hang in there! Once your sugars are controlled and find out more about your health and the in's and out's of diabetes, it will be a lot easier to handle. Sometimes its a daily struggle, but the fact that there is juvenation and support groups helps a lot!

Thank you so much everyone. I really needed support and understanding from people that can relate. It has been hard trying to figure out what to do when to low and to high. I'm hangging in there and I will try to convince my mother to go with me to the doctor. Im so happy I came across this website and to find good friends.


So, did you end up bringing your Mom to your appt? I hope she now understands the need to inject, not just everyday, but many times a day, unless you eventually get on a pump of course. That's frustrating not to have family support, but as you said, she's in denial and people grieve differently. Maybe she is hoping in the back of her mind it will go away? I hope it's already starting to go better with your family!

Thanks for staying up to date with me. I'm sorry to say my mother didn't come with me instead she worries about her sister's Diabetes. I didn't want to stress myself so I asked my sister to come with me and she did. The visit went well and I felt like I received a lot of information. I really hope my mom comes around soon and accepts the reality.