Sleeping with a pump

I am thinking of asking my endo/nurse about the possibility of getting a pump instead of multiple injections. I was just working my way through the pros and cons, so I was just wondering how people find sleeping with pumps, like the actual machine because I move around quite a lot during the night. Can the cannula come out? Any other complications?

Grace, I’m in my tenth year using a pump and I haven’t had any problems sleeping with it - never have dislodged a cannula while sleeping and I’ve been told that I move around in my sleep.

I usually just tuck the pump in the pocket of my PJ shirt [years ago I used a clip to keep it in the pocket but now I just stick in a soft hankie] or, if no pocket, use a clip to hold it to a waistband. Medtronic pumps are shipped with both a belt holster and a clip for attaching the clip inside. Some women on our blog talk about sewing a small square of cloth as a pocket at a convenient location inside nightgowns.

By all means, go for the pump - in retrospect I wish I had a pump for my first 47 years with T1D; my pump is a God-send and so much nicer than 1,800 needles each year.

Hi Grace,

My 10 year old daughter has a pump and can be a crazy sleeper. She has only had the pump for 7 months but we haven’t lost a set yet due to sleeping. She uses a pump band we bought from pump wear during the day and at night to hold her pump. Here is their link
They have all kinds of cool items including pajamas :slight_smile:


I’m a super restless sleeper and even sleepwalk at times of stress. I only lost a site once in 12 years of pumping. It was an odd circumstances where site was in my leg and my husband was on laying on part of my tubing when I rolled over. Hasn’t happened before or since.

If you’re a restless sleeper you do have to wear underwear or a t-shirt or something to clip the pump to when you sleep. Dennis’s suggestion of a shirt with a pocket is good.

Thank you so much for the ideas, they are really appreciated :slight_smile:

I use the Tummietote by Tallygear ( Medtronic and other companies and small businesses also sell various hip pouches, but I love having the clear panel I have on one of the pockets of the Tummietote. When an alarm or CGM alert goes off at night I don’t have to fumble and peel open the velcro pouch to turn it off.

I’ve been pumping for 14 years. I’ve always just clipped my pump to my PJ pants or underwear (if I’m wearing a nightgown). No problems with sites coming out. If this is your only hang up on getting a pump, you should definitely go for it.

I just lay it next to me, and it never comes out. I have woken up and there are knots in the line and everything! But, it never messes up or comes out… :slight_smile:

I’ve been sleeping with a pump for 14 years. I have an elastic belt with a pouch made for the pump. It is just like an elastic waist band. Never had a problem. Go for the pump. I’ve never regretted it.

I was afraid of that too, but I’ve been pumping 12 years now and have never dislodged or even came close. I’m an “all four sides” sleeper, but somehow I manage to stay comfy while I sleep. I imagine by now I’m subconsciously moving it out of the way as I roll over. I use a custom belt pouch from Mine is soft cotton with a zipper, and the velcro belt isn’t tight so I find it really comfortable. About $28 and you can choose from a ton of colors and patterns.

For the sake of those who come across this page after googling “how to sleep naked with an insulin pump,” I’d like to add an inexpensive option that I find works well: Cut off the elastic part of an old sport sock, pull it onto your upper arm, remove the belt clip from your pump, then tuck it right inside the tube.

I use the clip all the time day or night. At night I wear a camisole/tank top and undies (sorry if that’s tmi), I clip it to the neckline of my top. I make sure the tubing is under the shirt so it doesn’t get yanked from tossing and turning and since I can’t sleep on my tummy I don’t have to worry about laying on it.

I like sleeping with a soft bra and clip the pump on the bra. No problem and really comfortable.