Sleeping with pump

I just clip it to whichever side I my pump is attached to. I tend to sleep on it. You get used to it over time. It is weird, but you don't notice it anymore.

Amber, my daughter wears a insulin pump belt that we created about a year ago...we were having the same issues with tangling and sites pulling out. the website address is  check it out.  donna

i put mine in my bra. it doesnt get wound around anything in my sleep and i usually dont sleep on my belly.

Don't worry, when I first got on the pump I tried all KINDS of things to help sleep with my mom. I've leaarned I have to wear shorts or pj pants and I clip my pump onto the middle of the waist band..That way if you roll on either side your not laying on your pump. If you lay on your stomach though, thats a whole other issue...Try it out!  Good luck :)

It all depends how you sleep, if you sleep on your back, like I do, clip it to the front of your pants. If you sleep on your stomach clip it to the back of your pants. If you move all over the place try wearing a tank top to bed, which I do a lot when I'm a little fussy. I wear a tank top and just clip my pump to the strap of my shirt.

I used to just lay the pump beside me and just roll however.  If I moved, it generally moved with me and has never pulled out.  However, recently, I have been wearing a sports bra to bed and clip it to that.  I put the pump next to my skin with the clip on the outside.  This seems to keep it in place securely.  I have to make sure it is, since now I am on the CGMS.  Otherwise, I would just lay it beside me and not worry.  If you don't like having the plastic against your skin, buy some cheap sports bras from walmart.  They generally have 2 layers of fabric.  Cut one layer of fabric (on the inside) to make enough room to put your pump inside.  You can then sew a pocket for it and place a snap or button on it to keep it in place.  This works great for when you are working out so it doesn't get all sweaty.  Hope this helps!