Sleeping with the pump

I've been thinking about this.... Does the pump get in the way when you're sleeping?

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I've been thinking about this.... Does the pump get in the way when you're sleeping?


i always slept with it loose, so it could drag around behind me as i moved..which wasn't sooo bad except when i woke up and went to pick it up and found it was actually wrapped around me..

once i got a boyfriend and started having someone sleeping next to me, it always got in the way. i had to plan how i was going to lay for the night before i could get into bed, otherwise it would get in the way every time.

it was pretty annoying. my boyfriend even commented, after we got comfortable, the first night i took the pump off and started back on shots, "wow..this is so much easier"

it was annoying most of the time for sure, but it wasn't the worst part i found about having the pump by far. sleeping was easy, it was the clothing and the sites and the lows with the pump that were actually something to be annoyed about.


Funny thing is that was one of my main questions before I got my pump too!  Personally, I wear pyjama bottoms to bed with a t-shirt or pyjama top.  So I clip the pump to my waistband.  I occasionally feel it when I turn over, but not so much that it's uncomfortable; I just know it's there.

I do occasionally just leave it on the bed beside me and "string it along" as I go. 

My pump doesn't bug my husband at all.  A lot of times, it 's my snoring that drives him away halfway through the night, not the pump!  LOL

I haven't found it to be a problem for my almost 17 years of wearing one...I guess you just get used to it .

My son wears his in a pump pak (a belt with a little pouch on it). He always has the pump on his tummy. Even before we got the belt, we could clip it in his pocket or his waistband during the day, but at night, it had be clipped in front. (He generally sleeps on his back or sides) He moves around a lot while he sleeps and it has never been a problem.

I have the Minimed Paradigm 722, and I use the belt clip. It's not a holster, just a smaller clip that will attach to your belt/waistband really well. I use it when I'm sleeping-- at the beginning I lie on my stomach, so I put my pump on the back of my pj bottoms using the clip. During the night I roll around, and sometimes my pump ends up on the opposite side of my site because I've pushed it there while sleeping, but it doesn't matter. But it never falls off, and it's great because I think I would end up tugging the tubing while sleeping or my pump might even slide off my bed (heck, I even fall out of bed sometimes!) if I didn't clip it to my pj bottoms. Occasionally I wake up staring at the ceiling with my pump underneath of me, jutting into my back. But I have never (in almost 3 years) had an incident with a button accidentally getting pushed or the site pulled out or anything. Basically, treat your pump like it's a rock when you're sleeping-- you really can't do anything to hurt the actual pump while sleeping. Unless you sleepwalk, but that's another story.

I clip mine to the waistband of my pj pants and never have a problem.  I leave it close to the front of my tummy because I'm a back and side sleeper so I never have a problem rolling over it.

Best way to sleep with a pump no joke is shorts like gym or sweat pants i never feel it and moves where i move so its the best choice

p.s. clip it inside of the pocket

hmm. maybe i'm just weird. i never seem to notice it unless it starts vibrating. it hasn't ever gotten in the way before.

Sometimes I wake up with the pump stabbing me in the back.  Or I get out of bed all disoriented and low and the pump is wedged inside my blanket.  I start walking away and then go whipping back when I feel the pull on my pumpsite.  Lol.  Other times I put it in my pajama pants pocket before I go to sleep, and I wake up with it in the same exact spot.  I guess it really depends on the night, and how many times I decide to roll around in my sleep.  Honestly though, I'm used to it.  It's not something that constantly annoys me or anything.  It's never bothered anyone I'm sleeping next to either. ;)

if you sleep on your side it can be a little annoying the first week or 2. but not really. 

These responses really helped, and made me laugh a lot too! Thanks!!!

I usually clip it in the front and inside of my sweat bottoms.  I'm a side sleeper also.  Sometimes I will just throw it over my side so it's not between me and my hubby all the time--leaves room for more cuddles.  :)