Slip and slide with omnipod dash

Hi! I’m new. My daughter was dignosed September 2021. Does anybody know ways to keep the omnipod dash pump safe if it is on your leg when doing a slip and slide? So far, all we have come up with is bubble wrap. It is NOT fashionable. We aren’t exactly sure if it works yet, but if anybody has a better idea, that would be good.

I use a Dexcom CGM and there’s a shield I wear over it in case I bump into anything. The shield covers the sensor and sensor tape, and the patch covers the shield and sticks to your skin; so if you need or want to remove the patch (and shield) the sensor tape remains intact. There is a similar product for pods - I get mine from Amazon.

Thank you! We might try that.

We use the simpatch as well. It has stayed on pretty good. She goes swimming almost everyday. I have been looking at these for my daughter.

Thanks! This is helpful.

We ended up putting an innertube on the slip n slide and she launched herself onto that without damaging the omnipod. Thanks for all your ideas!