Smoothie quest!

So in the morning my bow and I make half veggie half fruit smoothies to get our needed veggies rolling for the day and to help out in digestion. It is fast, easy to make, fast to clean up, just requiring a freezer, and a blender.

I just take spinach, zucchini, carrots, cucumber, flux seed, benefiber™, banana, frozen berries, coconut, and pineapple, and lemon juice.- in total 12 oz liquid serving of yum.  

The question I have is how on earth do I count the carbs?? I have not been very successful in my guesstimation on insulin dose and am looking for some ideas.


How many carbs are you counting in the smoothie?  It took me forever to figure out my sugar in my coffee, but eventuall calculated that it's usally about 15 carbs (or 0.7 units).  The trick is to count what you think it is, and if you're off that day, correct and then try adding one or two (or however many carbs) to the next calculation.  I suck at math, I just go off of what I think it is. 

this would be my best guess on how to calculate carbs:

each half cup of cut fruit = 15g carb. because you end up with 12 oz, i would calculate that as three 1/2  cups. so around 45g carb. 

good luck! if you want to be most accurate, just measure all the ingredients and add up the carbs. you'll only have to do it once! you can write it down and hang it on the fridge for future reference.

If you don't mind posting approx. how much of each fruit + juice you put in it, I could tally it up for you.