Snack bars for diabetics

Hey everyone! I was curious of anyone's suggestions on any kind of snack (energy) bars that you enjoyed. The reason I am asking is because I am always on the run, and need a little snack thats easy to carry around and has sufficient amount of carbs and calories. I was at the store tonight, and was overwhelmed with all the options. What is it that you look for in a good snack bar? And which ones would you avoid? Also, I was thinking these would be a good pre-workout and post-workout snack. Do any of you guys use these for that same reason and do they work well with your blood sugar levels?


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My favorite energy bars are just the PowerBar brand. There are different flavors and different kinds. I usualy eat the Performance Energy kind (Vanilla Crisp and Apple Cinnamon are my favorites). They do have quite a few carbs, though- 45g per bar, 230-240 calories- but they are very filling, and I usually just eat about half of one and I'm full.

They also have Mini bars (20 carbs, 110 calories), but they only come in two flavors, versus 12 flavors for the regular size.

These are the only energy bars that I have tried and like. They taste very good, have lots of nutrients, and are filling.

You can go to the PowerBar website to see all of their products.

There is too much nutritional information on their website for me to process tonight, but the whole family likes the Zone Perfect bars that we bought for the one diabetic in the house. Here's a sample of nutrition information for the double chocolate bar.


There is too much nutritional information on their website for me to process tonight, but the whole family likes the Zone Perfect bars that we bought for the one diabetic in the house. Here's a sample of nutrition information for the double chocolate bar.


i like the z-bars by clif bars.. they have a lot of whole grain and energy

they aren't energy bars, but i also like the south beach bars because they have a lot of protein


I think it is a trial and error thing. Keep trying them till you get the one you like. I don't really like power bars they are really dry and never taste good. Well to me anyway. My husband likes cliff bars. He gets the chocolate chip ones. Eats it before he works out. My pre/post workout snack is peanut butter or cheese sticks or something like that.

Sometimes I will have a protein shake after working out if my husband makes it for me. He usually makes Strawberry whey drinks with water and adds in some fruit like real strawberries, blueberries or banana and they taste pretty good.

I know you were looking for something fast and shakes aren't but maybe when you get home you can try it?

Hope that helped.


I have to agree w/ Gina that I think all those snack bars taste awful! I just carry a piece of fruit with me...

i love the chocolate glucerna's (i think thats how its spelt) they even say a diabetic snack :)

The Zone Bars are the bomb

The zone bars are great!  My favorites are strawberry and chocolate mint.  I use them before exercise or as a meal replacement if I'm really in a pinch!

I love the Special K, 90 calorie bars.  They have 15 carbs and come in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and I think Cinnamon... my personal favorite is the Chocolate Drizzle!

Ive tried the power bars, and for me it is not something I can have all of the time. They are an interesting, sticky texture. They do taste good, but have a lot of carbs for a simple snack.

I used to really love the nature valley bars! I should probably start eating them again...but they have tons of different flavors and are not that many carbs... ( I think 29 off the top of my head) and they are crunchy! I definitely crave crunchy sometimes and the fact that they come in a package of two, thin bars also helps the brain think it is eating more than it is!

As for after working out, my sugars have gotten lower lately and so what helps me to raise it real quick is a package of gushers. I know its not the best thing but I like it alot better than having juice or pop because I know exactly how much I'm eating and it brings my sugars to the right level without going to high.

the nutritionist i saw at the hospital when i was re-learning carb counting told me to try Kashi products. I now get the snack bars whenever i can find them at the store by my house, the cereal AND the 7grain crackers.

or i havent tried them yet, but i bought some of those fibre 1 bars as well.

and before the kashi products, i got the special k sometimes..but usually the Vex bars.

I prefer the Chewy Granola Bars by I think Quaker Oats. All diff flavors.

The Kashi bars are so good - I eat the dark chocolate/coconut one.  Before, I used Builder's Bars (Clif) and Mojo bars, which are also decent but not as healthy as some of the other options. 

glucerna bars are SOOOOOO good! i love them! this world would have no meaning with out them!!!!!! :]

I carry the Chewy Granola Bars by Quaker Oats with me for lows.  They have 17g of carbs so they ensure I don't over correct and they can get smashed and are still okay.  Plus they taste great.  As far as stuff for pre- or post- work out, I also like the Nature Valley bars.  The peanut ones are good because they have extra protein and a few more carbs than the Granola Bars.  I found the best way for me to keep my blood sugar levels stable during a workout is for me to take REGULAR gatorade with me.  It took years of trial and error, but eating a snack bar (about 15 - 25g of carbs) on my way to the gym and then carrying a gatorade with me, keeps me stable (around 90 - 100) during the whole workout.  I drink the gatorade about every 5 minutes as I am running.  That keeps it stable.  Hope this helps!

I love kashi bars too anything kashi is awesome!.... I also love luna bars , when i go low I eat nutrigrain bars

theres also these bars that I love the are Envirokids organic crispy rice bars in peanut butter they have a panda on the box, in the natural organic section.

sooooo good :)

My approach to nutrition is to avoid anything that has a long list of ingredients.  Those ingredients are not usually good for you or something that mother nature ever intended people to ingest.  Cliff makes some bars called Nectar and they typically have 4 or less ingredients all of which are recognizable and suitable for consumption...  They have been my most recent on the go snack... There is another one called Think Fruit; they also only have a few ingredients and are made from simple things like nuts and fruit.  Those are my suggestions. :)