Hey! I'm 21 and I was diagnosed when i was 14, so i've lived without diabetes for two thirds of my life...that being said, i went from eating whatever i wanted, whenever i wanted, to having to be really careful....even now I find that i like to snack since that is what i used to do all the time...this has been the hardest part of having diabetes for me...does anyone have any tips for finding ways not to snack? or any suggestions for foods that are good for snacking with little or no carbs?? thanks!!! :)

Hi Virginia,

If you like hot chocolate, try sugar-free koka-Loka.  Check it out at 




For avoiding snacking... I usually either drink tea or chew gum while I am at work in my office to avoid it.  When I am out in the plant I usually don't even think about it because I am busy doing other things.  If you do feel like snacking low carb, there is always vegetables (which don't get me wrong I like, but really eating them all the time gets old...).  I also eat nuts or there are a million different kinds of trail mix that often don't have too many carbs (just watch for raisins, m&ms, and flavouring..).  There are also lots of popsicles and stuff out right now that are only 10g of carbs.


Heather Cole covered all but one of my favorite options.  The one other thing I try to do is make sure I eat a big enough breakfast.  It is amazing, for me, the difference in my diet on days when I eat enough before I get out the door and the days when I do not...

I also recognize that I am more than a little odd and this may not apply to anyone else - but I figured I'd offer it up on the off chance it applies to a population larger than just me ;)



yes i like snacking on sugar free jello , veggies, even tomatoes are yummy to! For me if i have a reallly big and healthy breakfast then i'm kind of full for the rest of the day and dont snack as much and trust me i dont eat meals im a snacker!

All great ideas! I'm a big fan of snacking on veggies to curb high-carb temptations. I usually go for raw carrots or broccoli with hummus (3 carbs), or easy hard-boiled eggs or cheese (no carbs and fill you up!). Melons (watermelon, honeydew), and berries are also low in carbs. I also drink 8 eight oz glasses of water a day to make sure I'm not just dehydrated rather than hungry.

Good luck!

Hey, thanks everyone! i'm going to try your ideas, they all sound great!