Snacks that Last

My scenario:

When im on my jobsite working. And my sugar is well in range. I eat my lunch and usually never have to take a shot because of my lantus. I am all well and good until about 3-4 hours later when it should be close to dinner time. I start to get hungry and i check my sugar and i am still in good range but im really really starting to get hungry. My doc told me to eat cheese and wheat crackers to curb the appetite and its good for me. Ok thats all well and good for about 10 minutes then im hungry again. And i cant keep eating crackers cuz my sugar will go up. At this point on the job i want a full course meal and convince myself that im starving. And my sugar is perfect. And when im hungry at that point...I cant stop thinking about it. I get nautious and all that great stuff.

I see the threads on low carb snacks. but i need a snack that will fill me up til its time to leave work. But also a snack that will not cripple my sugar before dinner. I dont feel good after that until i get home and eat a full dinner. Then im back to normal. its just the 2 hours im waiting on in between that im dealing with.

I need a snack that lasts me a little bit.

i am the same way with being hungry a few hours later, but i usually ignore it..or just eat dinner haha.


maybe try kasha bars?? i really like the peanut butter ones(which is weird cuz i rarely actually like peanut butter thanks to a childhood of eating p&j sandwiches everyday...) and the peanut butter will keep your levels from spiking too. it might be enough to fill you up for a while. and they are pretty low in carbs i think so you might even be able to get away with two bars!

Thanks i will try those out and see how that works on the jobsite for me. peanut butter actually sounds like a good idea. i can use the protein to put a pound or two back on me.