I need some ideas on healthy / low carb snack ideas? I’m a very picky eater and get tired of things easy.

Hello Wells. To me I don’t snack often. But I suspect my “lunch” would be snack-size for many and I do like a post-supper desert a few times a week. So, here are ideas: hard boil eggs, beef jerky, veggies with or without dip (I like Wholly Guacamole), tree nuts especially walnuts, pecans or mixed (I buy big quantities and divide them into 1/4c servings), very dark chocolate (85 percent or more cacao), and seeds (roast pumpkin seeds or edamame (roast soy) divided into 1/4c servings).

I’m late to the question since I am new here but I have a snack to add:

Cheddar cheese snacks. Or any cheese really. You can buy individually wrapped ones which makes things easier for on the go.

Nuts are my go to snacks. I buy these big tubs of a nut/seed/cranberry mix. I pick out most of the cranberries since I understand they are high in carbs and I am not that crazy about them anyway. I go through at least 2 tubs a week and take them with me when I travel.

I agree with hard boiled eggs. My dietician called them nature’s perfect food.

Nuts and seeds are kind of perfect though since they don’t require refrigeration.

I like the suggestion of edamame. I didn’t realize you could get those roasted and dried it sounds like? I will look for that.

Try an apple cut up with lots of cinnamon and stevea cooked in the microwave for 2 minutes. Diabetic apple pie.