So close...yet so far away!

Good news!

My family and I finally picked which CGM we are going with and we chose the navigator. We talked to my doctor about it and she said that is the one she recomends for me and I really trust and value her opinion. Thats the good news....but the bad news is my parents are thinking that we won't start until sometime in october because thats when it is convienent to go to the doctors office (Its over and hour away) to get everything set up. October?!?! I was really hoping to be able to start as soon as possible since im going back to school soon. (which means my schedule is going to change, which means we are going to have to change my basal rates and bolus ratios) It would be so helpful to have a continuos monitor on my bg during this transition. Not to mention the fact that my numbers are already out of control! i was over 200 all day and then right before dinner I dropped and havent been over 100 since! My last A1C was 8.1%....I clearly need to get more control, and obviously could use as much help as I can get. It's so frustrating now that I know the CGM is so close....I don't know if i can wait 2 more months! I'm so sick of the ups and downs and the effect they have on my body. 2 months?? uuuggghhhh.   

Just a little  longer Kelsey! You can do it!

ugh I know! it feels like forever! maybe I can convince her to move up the appointment... :)


It is exciting to be starting and be able to use a CGM and all, but even though you have to wait for October to hit, there is the fact that you still need to deal with insurance and getting all the forms and everything else filled out first. This could take a few weeks for you. Following that you would be starting school so you would need a week or two to get into the rhythm of your new schedule, which would put you around October for a CGM start up. Not to mention depending upon your doctor the availability of a training appointment could be a little hard to get. If you can move it, you may want to try but I would see how long it takes to get the Navigator.

I will be a couple weeks before it even gets here. I guess patience has never been a virtue of mine... :) oh well i started writing everything i am doin with my numbers down in a log book so hopefull that will help with the highs and lows

When I was on the CGM, it took me 1-2 weeks to adjust to it anyways b/c I was always overcorrecting for each high / low at first. 

Good luck waiting! You'll feel so high-tech! I liked mine, I've just been lazy about using it lately...

just one more gadget to impress my friends and family with...!