So excited I just had to share!

Hey everyone!

This is my first start of a thread, so hopefully  I do everything right. I just got home from my endo's office, where I attended an Intro to Pumping class. Thanks to this site and reading everyone's great information...I already knew the basics and my teacher was quite impressed! So I had already pretty much decided on the one touch ping before even going to this class, and have all the paperwork done with Animas I just needed to take this class before I could offically get it. So I learned all the stuff I'm going to have to do for the first few weeks (which does not sound fun!), but I hope/know it will be worth it. My training appointment is for August 10th, and since everything was pretty much ready with Animas besides this class I will probably be able to get it within a week or so. Once I get it in the mail, I know time will seem to be at a stand still! Hopefully it won't be too bad, cause my birthday is August 5th so maybe that will speed things up a bit! Then after all that I go back to college on the 29th and start classes on the 31st, and I'm really hoping that everything will be worked out by then so I can focus on school.

Oh and since I was there already, I asked my teacher (who is the CDE) is she could tell me my a1c and she did....5.4%!!!!!!!!!!! And I thought that my last one at 5.7% was amazing! I can't believe it went down, I thought for sure it would have gone up. So its only 12pm here, but already this is turning out to be a GREAT day!!


Congratulations! (And on your A1c as well!)

That is so great!! I am just waiting for my insurance company to get back to me about coverage, hopefully I will be a Ping-er soon too!!  Let me know how you like it!

Hi Vered,I am so happy for you !!!  Please keep posting on how it's going!!

thanks for all the positive feedback ladies!! I will keep you posted on when I get it..aka when the torture begins! I am really excited now =) and I actually have an inset 30 on me right now because she had one in class and I wanted to try it to see if it hurt going in, if it was uncomfortable to wear, etc. and I'm happy to say that I didn't even feel it going in! and I have been wearing it for a few hours now (without the tubing) and I don't even notice it at all, so it is very comfortable to wear. small steps, but getting me ready for the real deal =)



Congratulations!!!  I remember how excited I was awaiting my pump!!!  And with BG's like 5.4, you're gonna love pumping!!!  Life becomes "free" and "easier" after you start pumping...  Congrats again ~  Kristi

so my new pink ping came in the mail today!!! I am not really sure what to do with all of this stuff until august 10th haha! now the hard part has finally come, waiting around until I can be trained. exactly TWO WEEKS of waiting...I just hope it won't be to grueling.

Congrats on your A1C..  Now for a loooong two weeks..  JK..   Happy Early B-day

Vered, I suggest you read the manual that comes with it during those long two weeks.  Also, start wearing it, with the clip that comes with it but no tubing or infursion site, so that you will be a little more used to that part.  Other than that, just cross out each day on the calendar!!!!! 

congratulations! when i got my pump, it sat in my room for 2 months, taunting me that i could have been wearing it. i had done so much preparation, that i could have started myself on it myself.

my a1cs havent been good like yours! how do you do it?

Awesome! And congrats on the A1C.

I'm getting a pink Ping really soon too! I can't wait for it! :D


Thanks everyone!

yes yes, I plan to watch the dvd a few times and read all the manuals until I go cross eyed!

I am not really sure how I got my a1c that low, I do tend to have a low almost every day and I almost never go over 200. other than that I just try to count my carbs well and cover with insulin =).

lizzy, I'm excited for you getting a pink ping too! I will let you know once I actually start using it how everything goes. it seems like A LOT of people are going on the ping now, cause its the best one out there =)

Now I'm even more jealous...  The Ping is not available as of yet in Canada!!!  So frustrating!

[quote user="Nads"]

Now I'm even more jealous...  The Ping is not available as of yet in Canada!!!  So frustrating!



The Ping came out in Canada only a week or two ago, so it is available up here now:)!

Oh yeah!  Istand corrected!  Thanks Heather!


I am in Ontario and starting on the pump in September. I had the Animas rep for my area do a demo two days ago. She told me that that the Ping will be available for September in Canada! It is my pump of choice and I am really excited to go on it.


Congratulations Vered! Those are amazing A1Cs!

thanks!!! I'm glad the ping is available in Canada now for all of you who were interested in it!! =)

well everyone, tomorrow I am off to my pump training!!! the day actually came much quicker than I thought it actually snuck up on me! I definately enjoyed my last two weeks food wise- eating everything that I won't be able to eat for the first couple of weeks like pasta, pizza, chinese food, donuts, cake (it was my birthday!), etc. Next time I come on her I will offically be a pumper!! YAY!