So how many people r with and agenst the artificial pancreas?

So why is it that ANIMAS is geting the Funding for a artificial pancreas ok so its a pump and a CGM hooked u to u. WOW so why not more funding for a CURE for DIABETES. I think i speak for all type 1's i dont think we want to be hooked up to anything any more.We want to be out there doing so much more insted of doing all these things that we have to do.
by the way  Animas is geting a grant of 8 million dollers to build it. so as far as i am concerd am not with it i think that money should go to a CURE and a sum of that to supples and pump reserch but more to the recerch for a CURE.

I am all for the AP. Anything to make T1 a little easier to manage. Of course I would rather have a cure, but in the meantime the AP seems like progress that can be realized in a concievable amount of time. The big problem: I fear that if there is a functional AP, my (or anyone's) insurance won't cover it and therefore it won't get a chance to make a difference in people's lives.

Casey and Ariana,

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