So hows everyone doing?

Lots of baby bumps out there!

How is everyone doing? How far along?

I’m almost 11 weeks now and thanks to dropping my Levermir from 28 to 27 twice a day I’ve finally stopped the 5+ daily lows haha

Hi Natrie-

I will be 30 weeks tomorrow and so far doing so good. My latest a1C was 5.5! I never thought I could have it that low, ever. Insulin resistance has kicked in to high gear so I really have to be careful, especially in the mornings.

I remember those crazy lows in the beginning! It does get better and soon you will be battling more highs, unfortunately. Keep tweaking the dose until you get it right. I had never eaten more skittles in my life than in my first trimester haha!


A few weekends ago I drank a 4L of apple juice within 48 hours of buying it due to lows…that was just for the lows I had while at home! I never want to see apple juice again and that makes me sad because apple juice was my favourite haha.

Glad to hear things are going well and great job on the A1C! I haven’t found out my A1C yet as the bloodwork didn’t make it to my endo in time for my July appointment, have to wait until August to see if I got it down from 7.6 in early May.

I’m 29 weeks along, and agree with Ally! Battling lows was annoying but battling highs and insulin resistance is worse. I was so sick of drinking juice boxes in the middle of the night by week 14.

You a1c will definitely drop due to the increased blood volume alone. I went from 6.5 pre preg to 5.5 at 12 weeks. I just had another one and am at 5.8 now. Starting to get frustrated with highs and ever changing ratios, one day it works and the next it doesn’t. It’s a lot of work but I’m so excited to be a mom.

Where do you live? I’m in Oregon. I have about 5 friends pregnant right now but no one else has diabetes. Always nice to hear from those going through the same things!

I’m in BC (Canada).

I just found out my A1C last week was 7.0 :slight_smile: I’m glad I got it down, though I know it’s thanks to all the lows.

I’ll be 12 weeks on Monday and really just waiting for my energy to come back and the “morning” sickness to stop. haha.

I am NOT looking forward to the battle against highs when it starts. My baby doc was reassuring though that no one is going to judge me or make me feel bad about it. She said that no one can be perfect and they don’t expect it, just that I try my best.


I see you live in Oregon! I live in Northern California, so somewhat close. How is your third trimester going?