SO i have a little problem

I went to our high school basketball game tonight and my meter must have fallen out of my purse!!!!!!!! Thank God i have like a trillion other meters but that was the one that linked to my pump. so i  am going to ask tomorrow if anybody turned it in hopefully they did!!! UGH!!! i am realy mad at myself right now cause i never do anything like this!

If it is a minimed meter give them a call and plead your case, you may get a new one.

I'm sure someone will turn it in. I doubt there's a bunch of kids wanting to check their blood out there, but you never know what they're into nowadays :P

i always keep my meter in a zippered part of my purse to prevent this from happening. do you have a little compartment like that you can keep it in? i don't have extra meters. i only have 1 so i'd be pretty screwed if i lost it.

i normally do keep it zipped up but this time however i did i really hope somebody turned it in and that i didnt drop it on the way to the car or something.

If its not turned in Call minimed, or whatever pump company you use and they should send you a new one free.  If it is the old minimed BD meter, you can call BD and they still have the paradigm link meters that they will send out.