So Pleased to Be Alive After Low Glucose

Last night my blood sugar was 34 and I felt ... well, you can imagine. You don't even feel halfway alive when you hit that close to rock bottom, right? So I wrote this when it was all over:


It's about not taking life for granted, for being so pleased to be alive after a blood glucose so low.


Sorry you're feeling so rough Emily.  I'm glad you're okay.

It's actually a good sign that a low of 34 makes you feel bad because it shows your body isn't used to having bad lows.  You must be doing a good job with your diabetes.  

Lows happen.  Don't be afraid of them.  Just do your best to avoid and live your life.  

Take care.  -Jenna

Emily, wow. I had similar thoughts last night. Mine weren’t triggered by such a low BG, but by the thought of how none of us would be here if this was a century ago. I mean insulin is the only thing keeping us alive and when I was diagnosed I felt, well pretty darn close to how you felt I’m guessing.

Thank you for sharing this, I really loved it.

I had a stroke due to 33 years type 1 height 5’11" weight 150 have had over 500 insulin reactions. On insulin pump lowest I’ve ever been is 5bg or whatever and I was lucid. This disease has only killed me 4 times though been pronounced dead 4 times that is. Hard to learn how to walk again.lost all bowel control see you in 30 years will see how happy you are.