So scared i just threw up

So last Tuesday I had my HcG levels checked which came back 13312 then on Thursday (48 hrs later) they came back at 22623 with a progesterone level of 16.87.  I was actually excited because they did what they were suposed to by doubling.  The nurse also said that they like the progesterone over 15 so I thought I was good.  Then on Monday I had a weak moment and went for one more blood draw for my HcG and it only came back 36123.  I felt the sinking feeling in my tummy :(  my levels should have been close to 80000if they were doubling every day.  I am so scared that a m/c is undeniable :( Help...

how far along are you?  i read some where that your hcg only goes up for so long and then it tapers off.  have you called your doctor?  i know this is ridiculous to say (i have lost 3 babies), but do your best to take a big breath and relax.  stressing will only screw up your bg.  i will see if i can find that website about when your hcg levels off...

found it...

"Key things to remember about hCG levels:

In a bout 85% of normal pregnancies, the hCG level will double every 48 - 72 hours. As you get further along in pregnancy and the hCG level gets higher, the time it takes to double can increase to about every 96 hours.

Caution must be used in making too much of hCG numbers. A normal pregnancy may have low hCG levels and result in a perfectly healthy baby. The results from an ultrasound after 5 - 6 weeks gestation are much more accurate than using hCG numbers."

taken from

i will send up a prayer for you.

RAchel thank you soooo much... I am 7 weeks 2days today :(  I had a previous loss back in October and I am super paranoid.  That does make me feel a little least the tears have stopped :( I will look at that website right now.  I have an u/s on Thursday so it is going to be a long two days... I am sorry for your loss.  How scared were you after your miscarriages and how did you survive the feeling of just "waiting" for it to happen again?

yeah, we have a 2 1/2 yr old son and we are 4 wks along right now.  i know what you mean about freaking out- i have been in panic mode too.  i just keep telling myself that i need to take a breath.  our last loss was 2 days before christmas.  i have been freaking out about my hcg too.  i was super surprised with the 80 at 3 1/2 weeks- i thought it seemed high.  then the 244 48 seemed low to me.  lol  nothing is ever going to keep my calm.  my doc office called and said i should start progestrone which i panicked about until the nurse reminded me that I was the one who asked about it and that the doc isn't saying i have to take it just that it wouldn't hurt.  lol  

oh, and i have been sooooo tired that i am convinced my thyroid is off and i will miscarry because of that (or the 177 BG last night).  so i had my thyroid checked today.  i am a freak.  

how far along were you when you lost your last baby?

My kids are 33 and 32.  That was before I had any glucose testing available.  I didn't even test my urine.  I don't know what hcg is.  Just be active and healthy.  Don't worry about being tired.  Pregnancy drains you.  Especially some particular babies over others.  Your stress won't help.

Rachel- I was 6 weeks along when I miscarried before...I didn't pass the baby until I was 10 weeks but the doctor said it stopped growing at 6.  So of course I am freaking out now...freaking out about the high B/S the not climbing HcG and just waiting for my body to try to be normal... :(

i talked to my ob friday after getting my HCG back- i was at 4013 and 5 weeks along.  she told me that numbers stop doubling at that point and to not get anymore hcg's done or i will just freak myself out.  hope that you have talked to your ob and heard similar news...

Hey RAchel...yeah that is what she said too.  I saw the heartbeat last week but we are not out of the water yet.  I go in for another viability U/S today.  My blood sugars are spiking too...some major "bread" cravings are kicking my but though so I am to is sooooo hard.  I am 8 weeks today and still pretty nervous about losing another child...I hear your pain.  4,013 is normal so yeah it is eaiser for docs to say not to worry but it is a whole nother thing when your mind is worried because of what happened before and we scrutenize ourselves for every blood sugar spike or fall...geez this is tough!

I hear you Nicole- every time I see my CGM arrow even gradually going up I feel a little worried.  Tell you what, I haven't walked so much in my life.  I walk in place, I step in place, I jog in place, anything to take off that spike.  I am going weekly to my endo and we have made some major adjustments that have helped.  

Bread carvings are terrible for me too.  I am sicker than a dog all morning and then all day all that sounds good is anything bready and carby.  Yesterday I decided to give in a bit at lunch, I had 2 eggs, 2 pieces bacon and a TINY pancake no syrup.  1 hr post I was 153.  I was impressed.  I think I will try the same thing today (if it sounds good) but try bolusing earlier- maybe 15-20 mins and see if that helps with the spike.  

I had my ultrasound (5 w 2 day) on Tuesday and they saw a yolk sac and we all thought we might have seen heart flickers but nothing that we could confirm.  I was paranoid because the sac is measuring me at 6 wks- I was so worried that my BG caused it to be big already!!!  LOL  I know I am ridiculous.  Trying my best to take a breath and chill.  Best advice I've gotten is check your bg, take a big breath, and fix it.  Next u/s is next Tuesday.  

I will keep praying for you!

Thanks Rachel...I wish I was sick ( I know it sounds morbid) but then at least I would know that the pregnancy hormones are kicking in.  We went for another u/s at the begining of this week and even though I am 8 weeks she said the baby was measuring at about 6.4 weeks so it would put my due date on January 3rd instead of December 26th.  We actually heard the heartbeat too which was so comforting and we saw our little bean "flick" on the ultrasound LOL so weird.  However we have like 5 weeks to go until I can be less concerned.  My A1C is still at 7.2 (yes I cried alot) from when we had it done two months ago :(  I have been monitoriing like a maniac and still no decrease.  I am just so paranoid...I will pray for you too hun.