So We're Moving To Colorado Then?

Has anybody else heard the stories about Colorado? The articles on the internet say they’ve signed a bill that caps the “monthly” cost of insulin at $100.

I dont know how they determine a month, is that based on prescribed amount or an arbirtary average? I specifically read RN insulins, so that means Humalog and all the fancy stuff is included?

Rent and healthcare eat up 75% of my close-to-US-average income, Im sure a lot of y’all are in the same situation.

@SpecialEDy hi Edward, I have to guess because I read this in “apple news” which has about 25% accurate information unless it’s about Kim Kardashian.

the way it was written it leads me to believe that it will be very much like the way pharmacy determines a months supply: if the script reads “test 4 times a day” then the months supply is 120 strips. This is where you have to get your phys. to write an Rx such as “USE 60 UNITS PER DAY”. and you’ll get 2 vials worth per month and the charge will be $100. anyway that’s my guess. Colorado is beautiful but there’s a specific lack of work available there for me so I’ll be stuck in Jersey.