So what else do you have?

I'm curious, if I can be so bold to ask, what other health issues do you guys have besides the obvious thing we're all here for.

I am lactose intolerant, allergies like no bodies business, and sometimes asthmatic. yay! haha

celiac disease, kidney disease, lactose intolerance (as a direct result from undiagnosed celiac), tears in both shoulders, and pinched nerves in both elbows.

i have an underactive thyroid, which, i dont know if i'm spelling this right, is called hiroshimas thyroditis. yeah! amd i'm pretty certain that i'll be on pills for the rest of my life cause of it!!!!

Thanks to Diabetes I have high blood pressure. I have high cholesterol. I get panic attacks now. And who knows what will be next.

Just diabetes

seasonal allergies, lactose intolerant, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, and now diabetes =] horaay lol

Hypothyroidism and Gilbert's Syndrome.  My endo freaked my out with the latter because she started talking about liver disease and things of that nature.  Turns out it is asymptomatic and relatively harmless but it presents like liver disease.

i think we're the coolest bunch of sick kids ever :o)

I had a heart attack and quintuple bypass heart surgery.  Otherwise, I'm fine.  Does that count?




Asthma, Stomach Ulcer, allergies, and I broke my arm :)

i developed hayfever this allergy season..that's fun.

and don't forget your crazy tummy/uterus problems. you wouldn't be you without your weird stomach. :o)

I think my allergies have become dormant.  Haven't had a problem with them in a few years. 

[quote user="C"]

and don't forget your crazy tummy/uterus problems. you wouldn't be you without your weird stomach. :o)


haha yeah. they think its gallstones. my mom had them at my age. i'll be getting an ultrasound either tomorrow afternoon if they can fit me in, or early next week now.

if it is gallstones, that will be a one time thing unless it occurs a few times, they won't take out my gallbladder.

good luck! i think i'm one of the few in my family who still has a gallbladder. hopefully they'll finally figure out whatever it is :o)

I have allergies, high blood pressure (yeah I havee high blood pressure already), stomache problems, and weight issues ( I don't weigh enough).

..high blood pressure, funky heart rythms, high colesterol, kidney damange, had retinal damage but was healed, neuropathy, and something weird called dupetrin's contractures (i don't think i spelled that right) - it makes the tendons in your hands shrink and although genenic, diabetics are more likely to develope this...great right?  had calcium building up on hips and shoulders - very painful and loss of range of motion - but all gone now thank God!

I like to keep my endo on his toes, thyroid problems, Lymphedema and trigger finger!

Btw, I’ve read a little on lactose intolerance they think there might be a link between D and lactose intolerance since its caused from the glucose in the milk, but i'm sure you already knew that :)