I decided to change my major to nursing! I've always had an interest in it, plus I think I'm at an advantage both mentality and physically because I'm diabetic.

My sister thinks I'm crazy. This is the 5th time I've changed my major, but I have a really good feeling about it. Are there any other nurses here?



I changed my major three times.  Most of my friends changed their major choice as well.  No biggie.  My sister is in nursing school right now so I can forward questions to her if needed.


I am a pediatric ICU nurse. I actually originally got my degree in psychology, but always knew I wanted to do something medical/help people, so I went back to school for my BS in nursing. I love it and definitely feel that it is a littl easier for me to relate to patients than people who have never had a serious illness. It is not the easiest job in the world, but I think you are making an awesome decision. Good luck!



my mom is a nurse...nurses have great health benefits. do it!

/ I miss being on my mom's insurance with $0 copays :-(

Nurses are heroes. Go for it! Just be a good one. :) The hospital experience totally relies on how nice, or not, the nurses are. :)

My BF is in school for Nursing, he loves it... its very hard but I feel like its something you have a "calling" for, good luck

I work with nurses every day, and I am amazed at how much they willingly go through to take care of patients. Good Luck!

tell me how it goes! i want to be a nurse too!

I'm 43 and my Masters is in Education, but I too have considered nursing.  My friends who are in the profession LOVE it and encourage me to follow suit.  Best Wishes.


Yea I got into Northern Arizona University for business management. I was supposed to graduate in may 2011 but my heart really wasn't into it. I'm 22 and in a year I'll be cut off from my dad's insurance (he's a doctor and my g'ma was a nurse so I guess it runs in the family or something). I am a semester away from getting my associates but I decided to just take a breather and really decide where my heart was..and coincidently, it was in health care. I really want to have a proffession where I make a difference. Plus, I like learning about the body and medicine and blood, needles and vomit doesn't bother me one bit. Thanks guys for the support!!!

I'm kind of where MCurran is.  Don't sweat it if it takes you a little extra time.  I'm on the Van Wilder 7 year plan (haha ahhh not really that funny but can't go back now).  But once you find what you want to do and focus on it it will pay off in the end!!!