Do any of you worry about the soap you use to wash your hands prior to testing BG?  My husband checked one of our spiffy Bath & Body Works soaps using our son's meter and discovered it had a glucose of 32.  What do you think??  What do you use???


I think that the soap is soluble enough in water to rinse off effectively.  Testing with candy, glucose gel or soda pop on ones fingers yields definite results and I know that having alcohol on ones hands can yield false results the other way but I've never seen a flawed value caused by soap and water but if you use a soap that carries it's own glucose load, I would think it'd pay to be a little extra careful rinsing it off.

Amazing the things we will test with our glucometers... :)



You can test other things besides blood on a meter?? I want to try! - will it wreck it at all?

My husband says he just dipped the test trip in the liquid and it worked.  It doesn't seem to have affected the meter at all - I imagine you could use it on anything liquid ...