Soccer Player with T1D

If you have soccer fever like I do, you will love this story about the most famous soccer player with Type 1 diabetes, Gary Mabbutt, who is considered one of the best defenders to stride the pitch in the United Kingdom. Read more on Insulin Nation here:

I play soccer too! I have played for almost 4 years! Did you know that Gary mabbutt actually inspired me to keep playing once I got diagnosed with T1D?


NO I DID NOT KNOW! That is so cool! Now you can help inspire people too!!

haha. lol. don’t you think you over exaggerated just a little bit? and yeah I can help inspire people.

Great read. My 13 yr. daughter was diagnosed in mid-February. At the hospital, the first thing out of her mouth was concerns about soccer. Having played since she was four and now playing at our states premier level she was very worried. After a few mild workouts to begin figuring out her body, she played in a one day, three game tourney. She played better than I can ever remember. Leaving no doubt in her coach’s mind, she played ALL of the three games. She took care of herself before and after games and never got too high or to low until the evening. With this being so new to our family it is inspiring to watch a 13 yr old girl take control and never give up on her goals and dreams. Not even for a couple of days. I have never been so proud. It is her mission to prove the nah-sayers wrong, Play at the highest level, and INSPIRE anyone watching. This was all three weeks after being diagnosed and she is only getting stronger and more confidant. Don’t let anything hold you back.

One proud dad