hey guys who here plays soccer and basketball?? 

hi i am skye i play soccer but not basketball but i do like baskball and by any chance you went to texas lions camp last year

I play soccer and golf. Not basketball though

me to but not golf.I am on lil strikers for soccer and do you have biabetes

I haven't heard of lil strikers. Where do you live?

BTW i do have diabetes and have a pump I'm on the Animas.I take it off when i play

see Brianna i wear the Omni pod it is water proof so i don't take it off when i play and did you go to Texas Lions Camp

I live in Angleton Texas.Where do you live

I play soccer, basketball,volleyball and I run! I love sports they keep you active and busy.  Between practice, games, and schoolwork there is not much time to just sit around.  I love the idea of keeping kids busy with sports!  

see i don't have a lot of time between  Sydneygrace1

hi brianna it is skye what is your soccer teams name

I do! Travel soccer and school soccer and basketball:)