Social Media Friends for 12 yr old new TID

Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone knew a preteen/teen like my daughter that maybe would like to chat with her via email, Instagram or here. She is in 7th grade and loves softball, cheerleading, singing, fashion and of course her Iphone! She was diagnosed 2/25/15 and is hesitant to reach out for support but I know she would love for someone to understand. I’ll be happy to share her contact info if anyone is interested. She did sign up on the Teen board as well. I figure since she is on her phone ALL the time, might as well put it to good use :slight_smile:


I have an eighth grade daughter that has type 1. She is on Instagram. She used to cheerlead.

My daughter is 13 and has had T1D for almost 10 years. Another mom forwarded your request and my daughter would love to connect! Her Kik is “halligrace” and her Instagram is “http.halli” if she wants to DM her

That’s awesome, I’ll forward her contact info to you both later this evening when I get out of work!

That sound like a great idea. I have a 7 th grade daughter who was diagnosed sep 2014. She loves fashion, track, friends, art and of course her phone!! I would be happy to forward my daughters text no and or here. My email is
Look forward to hearing from you …kristie

Hi, my daughter is 13 yrs old in 7th grade. I tired several times offering social media T1D help. Maybe they can will be able to help each other. Her Kik is Hershey_peaces.

I also have a 12 yo t1d… She just started cheer. I’m sure she would love to connect with other girls! She’s on Instagram Renee_trinity