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If you have Facebook, Instagram, or Snap Chat and would like to connect, like this post or message me!! I am always looking for new friends and those I can connect with over diabetes. I think it’s pretty awesome to have type 1 and type 2 friends, as well as, friends/loved ones who take care of someone with diabetes. There are so many levels you can relate on and even talk about the fun things you experience in life that isn’t controlled by diabetes.

I think the more diabetic friends you have, the better it is! Am I the only one who thinks that or is the feeling mutual??


Hi. That sounds like a good idea! Sometimes diabetes can seem like the biggest job/distraction/pain in your life. Sometimes that doesn’t go over well with family, or even pets on those bad days!


I completely agree! Having many T1D freinds has helped me tremendously these past 2 months! I would not ever want to face these challenges alone! And having you all as my T1D friends has helped me through some rough times! And I love when we all share the Good times together!

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it is always easier to relate with someone that walks in similar shoes lol and is a relief sometimes when they get it… i enjoy sending snaps of my graphs and getting them back in return lol

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I have been looking for someone to talk/write to. I have had Type 1 for 54 years. I still have all my original equipment except for my knees which were replaced due to arthritis. I would to have someone who could commiserate with my feelings, comments, questions, etc.

I live near Richmond Va. 30 acres are nice but lonely since I can’t drive.

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It is pretty awesome to have diabetic friends all around the world! I would love to chat with you all. Please don’t ever hesitate to message me. We all feel lost at some point, but when we have each other, it’s even better. :smile:

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Agree with yo, Great idea.

@ellalopez904 It is always nice to talk to others who struggle with this on a daily basis. :slight_smile:

Not much for social media, but we can be friends here :grinning: