Social Security Disability

I am beginning the second round to receive Social Security Disability. It feels so debilitating. I hate it. Having to provide “proof” that I don’t feel as well as I used to makes it worse. I hate this disease. 44 years, 1 month and 15 days.

I understand totally. I was brought up that if you don’t have a job your worthless. I had to file as well. All the paperwork etc. real pain!
What made it harder for me, I was just in the beginnings of finding out that I was legally blind due to wet maclear degeneration, directly caused by being a T1D. I had only been diagnosed for about 6 months.
Don’t let it get you down! It takes time, lotsa time! Kinda like figuring out how to cope with being diabetic. Your unsure of what’s going to happen and you have to have faith that it will all work out.
Good luck!

Suggestion. Use a disability lawyer! It seems that SS decides if you can make a good case on your own then OBVIOUSLY you can work 40 hrs a week. Diabetes in and of itself is no longervconsidered a disability by SS