Solo MicroPump Demo Kit

I just received the solo Demo kit with a non working model of the unit. It is small and very lightweight. I had previously gotten the OmniPod demo for my son to try but he did not like it. The Solo looks a lot more comfortable - it is flat which would help in sleeping I believe and although this demo does not seperate it appears the actual one will be very easy to use. It is 1/2" thick - less than 2 1/2 inches long and less than 1 1/2 inches wide. The demo unit weight is  as it would be if it were filled with 200 units of insulin.  It looks like a nice unit. 

I got mine today too!  I was super excited!  I've been looking at it over and over and comparing it to the OmniPod.  Well, I won't put either of them on just yet because I want to bring them with me when I visit my dad.  He'll be getting his pancreas removed to get rid of the cancer that's been growing in there, so he'll basically be diabetic too.  I want us to get the same pump, so I want to show him these kits first.  Does your son like the Solo better than the OmniPod so far?  The Solo does seem much more efficient and discreet.

He did not like the Omni Pod - thought there was way too much tape and it was a bit on the heavy side. The Solo is good - has the best of everything he wants - well designed. I like how the Solo is going to limit distribution until they can provide the customer service to support the unit There was also mention of a Personal Experience Program (PEP) that might be available.  I also really like the flexibility of the Solo and how discreet it is. Right now the only thing we have going is to determine now if he wants tube free. It looks like they took anything from the Omni pod that could be improved and improved it. I would love for him to get on the 90 day trial if he can.

I got one a few months back.  Put it on and wore it for 3 days and completely forgot it was on!!  It's the first pump I have had the slightest interest in wearing.      It isn't transdermal is it?  (through the skin rather than with a needle thingy)  I am waiting to hear where they will be doing a 3 month trial.  Hoping it will be in my area and I can be one of the first!

The solo is a great design - flat and very small.  It is just like all the other pumps and requires insertion into the skin. I really like the idea of them waiting until they can provide the correct customer service for them. I think cost wise they would make the insurance company very happy - . We are waiting also to see if where they will be doing the trial.

How did you like the solo??

Having never worn any pump I can't compare.  I wore the Omnipod and the Solo demos and there was no comparison, the Solo was much, much lighter, smaller, more comfortable. The Omnipod felt huge by comparison. I'm holding out for the Solo!