Soluble glucogon

thought people would be interested in the following announcement, which is artificial pancreas related:

This announcement is provided as a service to the MGH research community by


Executive Committee On Research (ECOR)

Funding Opportunity

JDRF Soluble Glucagon Initiative

EOI Due Date: Wednesday, February 29, 2012*

Application Due Date: Friday, April 27, 2012

JDRF is launching a major initiative to accelerate the development of


glucagon for use in infusion pumps for multi-hormone artificial pancreas

systems.  JDRF is soliciting Expressions of Interest (EOIs). Based on these

EOIs, potential applications will be subsequently invited to be developed


submitted as full proposals.


The objective of this initiative is to accelerate the development and


approval of a soluble glucagon drug/formulation for use in multi-hormone

infusion systems.  JDRF hopes to significantly accelerate the clinical

evaluation of candidate drug/formulations, specifically in open and closed


artificial pancreas systems in individuals with T1D. The ultimate goal is to

have a soluble pumpable glucagon approved and available for use in future

generations of artificial pancreas systems.

Examples of pertinent topics include, but are not limited to:

*       Synthesis and assessment of in vitro stability and solubility of the

glucagon drug for at least one week at body temperature and extended periods

(months) in refrigerated condition

*       Preclinical assessment of PK, PK-PD, efficacy and safety

pharmacology in

appropriate animal models of diabetes

*       Methods to assess long term stability and safety of soluble glucagon


*       Testing of glucagon formulations in animal models to be used for

preclinical evaluation and

*       IND-enabling studies

*       Assessment of acceptable glucagon formulation in clinical evaluation



Research will be supported on a milestone based funding for up to 3 years.


Applications may be submitted by for-profit entities as well as nonprofit

organizations, public and

private universities, colleges, hospitals, laboratories, units of state and

local governments.


Expressions of interest proposals should be no more than two pages in length

including the

following information:

*       Name, title and institution of principal investigator (PI),

co-investigator and/or key collaborator(s)

*       Brief details of approach proposed, including hypothesis, scientific

rationale and references to published or preliminary data (preliminary data


not be presented in detail)

*       Description of potential for translation into therapies including


and long-term development goals

*       Biosketches of PI and co-investigators/collaborators (does not count

towards page limit)

For more information, please reference the RFA

<> . To apply,


submit your EOI via proposalCENTRAL

<> .

*Please note that an approved EOI is required for submission of a full


Additionally, visit the Information For Applicants

<>  section of the


website regularly for more funding opportunities.

Thanks for sharing this Bruce. Not only would Soluble Glucagon make it possible to to develop dual reservoir artificial pancreas systems, it could offer better emergency kits for severe hypoglycemic reactions. I'm excited (and hopeful) for progress on this.