Some news from my end

Hi guys,

Not that you are all waiting with bated breath, but I wanted to shoot a quick update. My husband and I are currently 9.5 weeks and we just found out we are pregnant with twins. We did IVF and put in two embryos to ensure that one would take and guess what? we got two. I feel incredibly blessed and that this is a gift beyond belief. I am also terrified. I have had type 1 for 17 years and my a1c last month was 6.1. I have a little ways left to go. I wondered if there were any type 1s with multiples? Does it overly complicate things? Did it make your bs harder to control? Any tips for breast feeding (hoping we get that far).


Any help appreciated :)


Congratulations!  With an insulin pump you should do fine.  There's no reason you can't have a healthy pregnancy as a long time type 1.  I know nothing about multiples and their effect on blood sugars.  Hope you'll share with us anything you learn as your pregnancy progresses. 

Take care. -Jenna

I don't know from experience of being pregnant or with twins for that fact but I am the oldest of two sets of twins, yes you read that correctly TWO SETS OF TWINS. My mom had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies. Not sure if there is a correlation but a twin pregnancy is a lot harder on your body for the fact that two babies will be pulling from you and the extra weight.

Huge congratulations on the pregnancy, and even more so on the multiples! They are a TON of work, but absolutely worth it in the end! Just make sure you have lots of help. Best of luck to you and your soon to be family of 4! : )

**careful getting pregnant again,you could end up like my mom! Lol. With age and the fact you are having twins, your chances for multiple births in the future goes up. My mom's were all natural -she's fertile-mertle. Haha.