Some numbers to share

I wanted to share with you all the before and after numbers (before pump and after pump). My son received his pump yesterday at 2 p.m..

 Thought I would share some numbers with you. Before pump and after. The first number was Jan 5 at 7 am and then follow up to the day we got the pump. The last number 275 was the BG on January 21 at 12:30 pm - He got his pump attached at 3:30 p.m. the same day just 3 hours later.
Jan 5, 2010 7 am. 260,212,207,77,303,197,160,271,255,507,232,457,279,

254,232,163,257,426,270,371,232,402,290,199,337,274,189,255, and 275


 3:30 pm Jan 21 - BG before we left doctors with pump - 195, then 5:30 pm that same day and so on - 113,136,112,173 (midnight), 87 (3 a.m. - I gave him 4 oz of O.J. because reading was at 3 am.), 142 at 6:45 a.m., 201,113,50 (12:30 that afternoon and then 91 10 minutes later after sugar, 139,113,and 118 as of 7:30 CST tonight.

 Called the numbers in from when we first started to document the pump and the basal rate which was set at .085 units per hour were lowered to .08. 

Before - one out of 29 within range (77) - no lows -

After -  1 out of 14 - low (50) and two out of 14 high (173 and 201).

11 of 14 within range. 

 So far so good.

Congrats to you and your son!  The pump seems to really be helping his control.  I love the pump because of the independence and freedom it brings to eat pretty much whatever and whenever you want without too much stress.  I hope he's enjoying this as well -- keep us updated :)

That is good ! Do keep us updated :)

when i first got my pump i had really good numbers as well :)


thats great :)

These are awesome!

When I got first got my pump, I kept going low, all day.  The doctors overestimated how much my basal should have been.

Thanks for sharing the good news!  What pump does he have?  Besides having more consistent numbers, is he liking the pump in general?

My son has the Ping and loves it although it has been only two days. Not having to take a lantus at 9 pm is great also having something to eat and just bolusing the insulin without another shot makes life simplier for both of us. We have been using the infusion shorts that they taught us with at the training class (no spring loading just a manual insertion) and they are a bit of a pain.  I had ordered the spring loaded ones and actually tried one today to see how it works by reading the directions (DON'T READ THE DIRECTIONS - they are really hard to understand if you have not done it before). I went to the Animas site for the videos and selected Inset Insertion and then Priming the infusion set and it explained it all with video.

The numbers are great - I know that this is still new and I would expect that even the pump will become tedious eventually but as for now it is a nice break from needles.