Some people r anoying

the frist day i walked into school with my pump about like a million (well maybe not a million but alot) of people were like why dose she get to have her ipod it just makes me mad also i hate when im low and  people say i wish i had diabetes so i could drink gatorade some people r sooooooo rude its like do you want to prick your finger, insert sites and walk around with a pump no i dont think so the nerve of some people

I totally agree. I was playing volleyball once, and it was right after I just got my pump, and this kid was like, "do you have your ipod?" and I was like, "Yeah, I just enjoy carrying it on my hip while playing sports."  It used to embarrass me a lot, but now I'm kinda just chill about it. Yeah, sometimes people say ignorant things, and they are REALLY annoying.