Some questions


    I have had type 1 for 32 years. I just turned 40 and I am almost 18 weeks along. I lost my job as a teacher this summer and have been on unemployment so that meant I had to go to a local free health center where I live. It took 1.5 months to get an initial appointment. The midwife there has transferred me to a hospital where she works. I do not yet have the government insurance so I cannot go for an appointment.

   My blood sugars have been good and I am waiting for an A1C to come back. The midwife was pressuring me into meeting with a genetic counselor because it is free but I am not sure how much good it would do.From what I know sometimes the testing done does not always guarantee a baby will be born with disabilities. I had my blood taken last week and so far no one has called. The midwife did tell me the blood work had come back and my chart was being updated.

I am a little concerned because I have gained 15 pounds in 4 months and I have not increased my calories. I began showing during my second month. Now that I am almost 18 weeks along I am huge. Has anyone else gained that much weight without changing their eating habits? The nurses all tell me to worry about weight gain after the baby is born but my own mother told me she gained 15 pounds with my brother and I and we were both 8 pound babies. Thanks so much!

With both my pregnancies I gained alot of weight.  With my first, I gained about 50 to 70 lbs.  The doctor told me to try to eat less sugary foods.  They had said the baby takes most of the sugar and that is why diabetics have "bigger" babies.

Hi Carrier245,

Congratz on your pregnancy! I don't think 15lbs is that much... I think up to 5lbs in the first trimester and then a pound a week after is average. 25-35 pounds if you are a healthy weight before is I think average healthy weight gain, but of course everyone will be different.

Regarding genetic counseling. It is usually a process of education you about your choices for genetic screening and testing in pregnancy, and the counselor should be able to explain to you which tests could have false positives, how often that would happen, etc. Then you can decide what testing you think is right for you in pregnancy.

Good luck!

This is such an interesting subject. I believe that many women with type 1 diabetes and pregnancy gain more weight because blood sugars are much more tightly controlled, you get relatively more insulin (per blood glucose value) and more frequent low blood sugars. Insulin is "lipogenic" or fat building and so it encourages weight gain itself.

I gained 80-90 lbs with my first pregnancy and 60 with my second. Not ideal and not what I would recommend. It melted off in the first year and I weight less today than I did in high school. However, my blood sugars were well-controlled and my babies were healthy.

For baby size, its the 3rd trimester calories/blood sugar values that make the difference. Hyperglycemia obviously overfeeds the baby but diabetic placentas are larger so there is more surface area for absorption and thus possibly more efficient at nutrient delivery.