Someone to keep in your thoughts

One of our fellow Juvenation moms Trish (mother to Brandan, type 1) is expecting another little boy, Devin, in March. She went into early labor last night and her doctors weren't able to stop it. 

She is currently in a hospital in Florida preparing to give birth to little Devin 2 months early. She recently updated everyone via her facebook and said labor was progressing and the ultrasound showed the baby at a little over 4lbs.

She has been a great asset to the Juvenation website. Please keep her, her baby, and the rest of her family in your thoughts. I'm positive (thinking happy thoughts!) things will work out just fine for her, but it never hurts to have extra good vibes sent her way :o)

Thanks everyone!

ooo I hope it all works out! that's gotta be very scary for them right now :(

Trish. Happy thoughts your way!!!!!!!

I am praying for Trish and her soon to be new son!  I also am praying for the boys at home and her husband. 

Lots and lots of good thoughts going out from our household as well. Good luck Trish!

Happy thoughts being sent from my way to Trish and her family.

hope everything goes ok for Trish!! Prayers for her and her family!

Trish, updated her facebook 3 hours ago and said this,  I was transferred from Labor and Delivery to the High Risk Unit. I'm glad I at least have a real bed now. There's no TV or radio in here and that sucks, but this isn't a vacation anyway. :(

I'm praying that everything works out for Trish and her family.

I'm thinking of Trish and her family...I really hope everything turns out okay!

Trish just put this one facebook 6 mins ago:

Baby Devin Nathaniel Prather was born at 4:10pm. He was crying! :) He weighs 5 lbs 1 oz. I will update when we know more.

Hi everyone. Thank you all for your positive thoughts. I would like you all to know that the labor on the day C spoke of (Friday) was stopped after all. I stayed in the hospital because I was already very close to delivery. The contractions never completely stopped and on Monday, January 17, I went into labor again and delivered my beautiful baby boy. I was 33 weeks and 6 days gestation. Devin was 5 lbs, 1 oz and 17 3/4 in long. He was crying when he was born so he didn't need a ventilator. Today he is still in the NICU, level 2. He is off of his IV now and eating well. His heart rate has dropped a few times, a common problem for preemies. When he goes 5 days without a drop he will come home.

Congrats and good luck with it Trish!  He shares my sisters b-day 28 years apart.