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I am doing a project and I am basing it off of those "10 reasons to date a volleyball player" or "10 reasons to date a dancer" things that say things like "good with their hands" and stupid stuff like that


I need the 10 reasons to date a type 1 diabeticb!!! It has to be family friendly. Please give me some good reasons!!!!



Very cute Ashley.

I had a boyfriend tell me once that he loved having me around b/c he knows I'll always have food in my bag - in case he was hungry !!

 when a guy takes out a diabetic girl he probably wont hav 2 pay for dessert

Its in her blood to be extra sweet.

Once he's educated and your low he gets to rescue a fair maiden and be a hero.

We are healthy

We know what's going on.

We are outgoing.

We sometimes wear cool bracelets.

We maintain a positive outlook on life.

That is literally all i could think of.. My brain just died.. :


If you forget your purse, you can use your (diabetic) boyfriend's.

Don't take that LITERALLY, guys. ;-)

We can only trick or treat at 3 houses then we have to go home.

all awesome! keep posting more :) thanks

We're REALLY good at math after all the carb counting, correction factors, etc.

This is a lot harder than I thought!!

We don't have a lot of cavities


We have a sweet tooth that is artificially sweetened. Or something like that. ;) I couldn't really think of a why to date though, sorry. :P

To be there for them and experience the Blood Sweet and Tears

We rely on hugs instead of sugar.

We have robot parts.  (This really isn't a good reason to date anyone, but I couldn't think of anything else.)

We are great with handling technology and always have the newest cool gadgets.  Haha.  

We provide lots of interesting stories (especially with nighttime lows).


Once again all awesome! THANK YOU for your comments :)

keep em comin!

we are responsible and compassionate.

Reason to date a diabetic:  Your date always has some snack or candy hidden away in a purse or pocket  in case of low blood sugar.

awesome! :) cant wait to hear more!

You can always come to us for food :) Everyone knows that or you could even come to one of my friends they keep things for emergencys. But that would be a way to date my best friend lol