Something stupidly funny happened to me

So I was changing my pump site (I have a t slim x2insulin pump) and I forgot my Humalog so I got up and got it and went to go sit back down on my bed and sat on my site, and the needle went into my leg. I didn’t even feel it but I freaked out and then started laughing, I don’t know what quarantine is doing to me… please share any funny stories you have I won’t judge you, I mean I just had my site hanging from my leg.


I can’t even count the amount of times that I’ve inserted a site without taking off the needle guard…

not really funny, but it is just another scatterbrain thing this week: My wife wanted to decon the groceries so I was just out of the shower and helped her get the bags and stuff up to the kitchen. many hours later I was on my computer and doing the new thing (zoom, webex, etc.,) when I heard my pump beep (It beeps really low when it has an alarm or is in “suspend”) and I thought to myself… “wow that things sounds like it is all the way across the room”… which it was… instead of being attached to me. totally forgot to put it back on. 10u emergency catch-up bolus and I was fine by dinner time.

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This happened years ago so isn’t “quarantine driven” but I’ll share a silly thing I did a while back - it was time to change my pump site, but genius here pulled out my CGM sensor instead! It was one of those things where you realize what you’re doing right in the middle of it, but that fraction of a second between my brain and my hand was just enough time for me to rip it out, followed by a mental OH NO​:flushed::tired_face::flushed:! Thankfully I use my sensors past the 7 day limit (you didn’t hear that) which meant I had some extras, so I was able to just shake my head and laugh about my silly mistake.

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