Sometimes its just easier to be lazy

I have had diabetes for 11 years now, and i find that sometimes I know I should be giving more insulin, or doing more blood sugar checks, but I dont'.... Does anyone else ever do this occationally, or know a way to get by without doing this?? thanks :)

Im in the same boat lol. Although I havent had it as long as you.. but I find I dont check my bloodsugar as often as I know I should most of the time.. lol.

But.. I want this new meter, and I cant get it until I use up all my stips for the one I have now, so thats given me incentive to check myself more often.. hehe =P

i'm 14 and have had diabetes for almost 6 years now. i guess i'm one to say that i always take the easy way out. lol. my gramma and mom have this deal where if i check my blood i get to keep my phone. so my mom checks the meter every day blah blah blah. but i'm so lazy that rather than take the 10 seconds to check my blood on time, i'll just go to my meter, change the time(/maybe date lol) and check like 4 times in a row. they're suspicious but they have no proof. neither of them even knows wat this website is so ya. lol. i know i shouldn't be doing this!!!! but i'm that lazy girl that doesn't bother taking care of herself. you wouldn't believe the stories i have. lol


well, my rant is over. lol

Yea, I am do the same thing you do. I have been trying harder to take more blood sugars but it's not always easy being on the run and what not. Somethings that people have told me to do that I have been trying is too put notes about checking blood sugars wherever you look alot. Anyways any other ideas out there would help also! Josh

I know JUST what your going through. I rarely get four blood checks a day like I'm supposed too. Plus taking insulin when I eat food seems like such a big hassel and to tell the truth I usually just do a dose of it after I eat with out doing the proper calculations instead of just doing the proper calculations and doing it before I eat! But I find that doing the wrong stuff the wrong way is not only very bad for me but it makes me feel like a failure for being TOO lazy! So just be careful! I'm trying to do better so I challenge you guys to try more to! Just take that extra ten seconds to check and give insulin! :)

wow! I can't believe you do that with your number and meter! Thats sooo funny! I love this website because we can confess our great secrets without our mothers finding out! lol! I'd love to hear those other stories! All I do is make up a good number for when my mom asks what it is! I'm not as "creative" as you... ;)-

Ive only had diabetes for a year and two months and im already getting lazy aboutb testing and giving shots. Ive been resorting to salads and low carb stuff but then my sugar usually runs low and i have to eat something carby.

Oh am I glad I found this post!!!

I guess I'm not the only one who finds teen life too "precious" to waste my time testing. I've also had diabetes 11 years, but the ONLY time I ever test my blood sugar is 2 weeks before appointments (thats as far back as they check on my pump). We all just need some motivation and focus on taking better care of ourselves so that our "eye opening moment" isn't a serious one like a stroke or ending up hospitalized.

Anyone have any advice on how to make testing less of a hassle?

In my personal sitauation I didn't used to test very often, whether it was no insurance or lack of intrest. As I get older I realize all of the complications that can occur and then I get back on track. Unfortunately I have experienced 2 complications early stages of kidney disease (16 yrs old) and what you considered an "eye opening moment", a mini stroke (30 yrs. old) just this year. I have been trying very hard to do the right thing. I want to live a long, healthy as can be type of life. I don't want to look back and say I sure wish I would've cared about my diabetes more back then.

To answer your question advice on how to make testing less of a hassle, talk to someone who has suffered a complication. Read the diabetes complications group posts. I bet you'll change your mind. You'll read others struggles they deal with everyday and you will want to avoid having the same happen to you. Think about your future and what you want it to be. Just my opinion. Good Luck.

ok yay i am not the only one out there!! except i'm not so lazy as far as checking my bloodsugar than figuring up carbs. i'm always like ok this seems about oh 20 grams plus this is about uhh this many grams and basically do all the math in my head (which is pretty much rounded to whole numbers) i know this is wrong, really i do, i am just lazy about it, its so annoying. plus i really dont keep a log book anymore. i always forget.

orange_mms: Yea I know I SHOULD try and I have made numerous efforts. Like, I know all of the complications and risks and have read a lot of posts on this site about problems that have resulted from laziness, but for some reason its not helping me at all. My head keeps telling me that one day I'm going to be like, blind and have kidney failure and all kinds of problems, but for some reason I just can't get into the swing of this dang disease still.

exactly how i feel, i keep think loke ok tomorrow i will get a grip and do things right... but never happens

YES! I love when people understand (: haha

"YES! I love when people understand (: haha"

 I totally understand the being a teen with diabetes thing, I've been there too. I've been a T1D for 25 yrs., since age 5.

Just being a teen is hard enough, diabetes seems to make it a little harder.  I used to skip testing just like you do and even now I fall into that "bad" pattern occassionally. I am on 4 shots a day so everytime I get my injections, I test. Also if I'm feeling weird or strange, I test. I saw on a post here on Juvenation where a mom had told her child to test everytime you check your messages maybe give that a try. Perhaps put little sticky notes on mirrors, pillows, dinner table, etc. has also been suggested. Have you asked your endo for any suggestions they may have to help you want to test ? You'll get on the right track in your own time.

Just hang in there better days are coming.....

good suggestions, I'll try some of them (: