Son starting kindergarten. I'm scared!

My son will be starting kindergarten in the fall. I’m really nervous about it. Not sure if I should put him on the pump or not. He does great with his shots. Should we just stick to shots? I can’t imagine having him wear a pump all the time. He just seems so little to have something connected to him all the time. We don’t have a problem with his numbers. He’s doing pretty well. Any suggestions?

I am in the same boat, my daughter will be starting kindergarten this fall as well.  We actually are putting her on the pump next month.  She will be getting the omni pod.  I'm nervous, yet at the same time hopeful that this can bring better control.  She goes to daycare full time right now, she's been there since she has been 4 months old and the staff there has been with her since the onset of T1D just 2 days after her 3rd birthday.  I do believe that whatever your decision, it has to be one that you are comfortable with.  

We got a demo omni pod from her doctor and let her wear it for a few days to see how she managed and after the initial fascination wore off, it seemed to be ok, she slept with it on, took a bath, everything that we are to be able to do when she gets the real one.  I know it is going to be a new experience, but I am excited for her, I am hopeful that as she gets older this will give her a bit more freedom.  

And at the end of the day, you should have the conversation with his doctors as to what is best for him.  

Good luck in what ever you choose and have plenty of tissues for that first day of kindergarten, I know I'll need them.

Jimmy was the first diabetic in our school system since the year 2000.  He started Kindergarten in 2010 - on shots.  The school nurses had to learn just about everything from scratch with the levimer and novolog - they hadn't ever heard of the novapen or the blood keytone tester, etc... They were amazed and overwhelmed at how it had changed in 10 years.  And on a side note, it was actually my nephew who had been the last one to go through the same school system - and same nurses - 10 years prior!!!  Anyway, my point is, in December of his Kindergarten year, we changed to the medtronic minimed pump, and the nurses had to relearn EVERYTHING all over again!!! They happily learned it all, but if you're thinking about the pump at all, then maybe just have a meeting with the school sooner than later to get a feel for whether they are comfortable with the shots and/or the pump... Just something to consider... I used to keep (and hope to get back to keeping) a blog about the whole T1 experience at

Maybe you can relate to something in  it... Best of Luck in your decision!!!


Thanks! I know it's a big decision. He goes to the doctor on Friday so we'll see what she says. I know they've had diabetics in the school system before so it shouldn't be a problem. We will be registering him in a few weeks so we'll find out  more then. I'm nervous that he won't let the teacher now when he needs something. He's very shy.

They will place him with the right teacher if you let them know about his shyness...  Also consider the possibility of an aide for the class, too!  Good luck - and the school nurse will be your new best friend!!!

One good thing is that the school nurse they have has been there forever. I have a teacher in mind. Same one my daughter had last year. I hope she has some experience with diabetes. If so, we're set. Hopefully :)

One year they had 3 diabetics on one class.