Son with Type 1 really needs friend

Hi, my name is Phebe, just diagnosed this January on my 16th B-day. I also need a friend.

hi brandy! i’m in MS near orange beach! somewhat in your area!

i played Division 1 football in college, I have been T1 for 15 years now, I have seen quite a bit! haha, would love for him to reach out with anything!

Sorry that it has taken me so long to reply. I would love to pass your info onto Carl. I am forwarding his # 239 234 9695. Thank you for reaching out. Any info you would like me to pass ago, let me know.

Dear Phoebe,
I must apologize for not responding sooner. I would love to pass on any info to Carl… I will pray that he responds. Thank you for your willingness to help.

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I’m would love to contact you guys I’m 13 and have 2 almost 3 years experience with T1D.

Love to contact you and talk… lmk