ur on the phone with ur boyfriend, he up set that u keep talking about diabetes, he'll never get ur story like I do. And he were's nothing thing and I were everthing. he dont get that diabetes is everything in ur life. And I dont think he ever will. And he were nothing thing and I were everthing. He captin of the football term and I am the captin of the d-club.


You're on the phone with a best friend she's upset, you're talkin' 'bout that diabetes thing again. I'm here laughing by your side, your side, they'll never get your story like I do. And she gets nothing thing, but we get everything, yeah she gets nothing thing, but we get everytihng thing!
 They think they're so cool, they just don't get it! They think they get you, but just won't fit!
 She's the captain of the cheerleading squad, and I'm sitting at every game, here to back up you're anger flame. Were on the bleachers, clapping for her "A-game"

Hey Jaimie,

I think music is a great way to express yourself. I know what you mean about diabetes being "everything in your life". I'm not diabetic myself, but I don't think I've gone five minutes in the last six months without thinking about diabetes. So far my daughter isn't consumed by it, and hopefully I can keep it that way.


im not consumed by it my mom hope she can keep that way i hope so to i love Music.