HI I'm Stephie,  I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago and am starting to get used to the new lifestyle but seem to hit brick walls all the time.  Im glad to be a  member of this forum and refuse to let T1 restrict my life in music!

hi and welcome 2 juvenation, im jozef and ive been a diabetic for about a year and a half

Welcome to the forum, and don't let anything stop you in life. Do what you want and never do what others tell you what to do. And let Diabetes encourage you to explore other hobbies and sports and such.



welcome!!! let us know if we can help!

Welcome!  I was diagnosed just over 2 months ago and surprisingly, the time has flown by.  After a few days or a week or so, things become so much easier.  Just reading advice from other people on this site kept my thoughts positive during the first few weeks.

Welcome to Juvenation Stephie !