Sore fingers

I started a new job about a month ago, and for some inexplicable reason (to me) it has wreaked havoc on my bloodsugar.  Consequently, I have been testing more often.  As a result, my fingers sometimes get sore, or bruised, or calloused.  Any ideas about what I can do about this?  Thanks.

sometimes when my fingers start doing that i put on a lot of hand lotion everyday to help soften them and also u should make sure ur alternating between ur fingers

Test on your toes! Hahah.


But really, just alternate frequently (I remember reading about someone on here who tests 10 times a day and knows so because he moves from the thumb of his one hand all the way across to the thumb of his other by the end of the day).

I agree!! My skin on on my finger tips are so tough! i find myself re poking other fingers to try and get a sample of blood:) I wonder if you can test your forearm or palm like they show on tv? Or do you need a special monitor?

My daughters new monitor says you can check on other spots like your arm but that the you have to figure that it takes long after you eat for your sugar to get to your other parts of your body. So you have to be careful.



I looked it up and Diabetes Health had an article on creams for lanced fingers:

Most meters these days allow for testing on the arms.  I tried this once and felt like it was tough to get enough blood, but it'd be worth trying.  They just say that if you suspect a low, test on your finger tips because that's more "up to date" than the blood in your arm.  Not sure why, but maybe there's just better circulation.

Also, my doctor told me I could test on the meaty part of my palm, the thicker area by the thumb.  That seemed to work pretty well when I tried it but it freaking hurt!  I was like, "Why would anyone do that twice?!?!"  But you might have better luck and not have it hurt as much as it hurt me.  Again, it's worth a try.

Other than that, I'd use the thinnest lancets you can get.  BD makes some really tiny ones I use most of the time.  I think it's these 33s.  Also, use the most shallow effective setting on your lancer, and change the lancet often so it's as sharp as possible.

i defiantly get sore fingers but i play the guitar as well so i only really feel it after i have played for a long time

Hi Brianna!

I test both sides of my fingers so I don't have to hit a spot that I've just poked recently.  I have found that Aquafor really helps to heal them up before you have to poke them again.  It's a nice healing emollient cream.

I hope it helps!



I test 2 times a month so I cant help you there