Sorry Everyone - Insulin Pump

Hi everyone!

I am so sorry that I wasn't online for the past 2 weeks, but my computer got a virus (actually a trojan) and I had to have it professionally fixed. I am sorry if I hadn't responded to you all for a long while. I am so happy to be back online again and I am happy my computer was able to be saved. I missed you all! I also have more good news! I am going to the doctor finally on monday, and the Trainer from Medtronic will be meeting me there to train me on the Insulin Pump. The doctor said over the phone that as soon as I have my A1C done, that he will write me the script to get on the pump. I am really excited and the pump that I will be going on will be the Minimed 723. Is anyone else currently using this pump? Is it a good one to go with? Any advice on using this pump? Thanks in advance for all of your input and ideas!


Welcome back Debra! Boo to computer viruses :(

I recently got my Paradigm 723 insulin pump and love, love, love it! I had the 722 model prior to this one, so the transition wasn't too difficult. Setting up the pump might seem tricky at first, but it's easy to adjust to. There are little options here and there that are helpful. I really like using the "missed bolus" alarm - you enter in the times of day that you eat meals, and if you don't take a bolus within that time the pump will beep. It's very helpful for me when I'm rushing around with school stuff and I forget what time it is! The battery lasts quite a while, too. Always a good thing. I use the SureT infusion sets - they have a metal needle rather than a plastic cannula. Surprisingly, they are very comfortable and I haven't had as many problems with pulled sets, infected sites, overall discomfort.

Hopefully, my insurance coverage will allow me to get the CGM that works with the Revel. I'm really excited for that *fingers crossed* Let me know how it goes!!

I don't have the MiniMed; I just wanted to say welcome back! Glad to have you around again :D

Yes, I have been on the 723 for about 4 months with the cgm about 3 months.  They are working for me.  They get kind of annoying while I am sleeping, and am going low.  It insists on waking me up. It starts out with a nice beep sequence and progresses to a vibration then if I continue to ignore an annoying siren starts squeeling.  It is annoying but good to so that I won't get in to trouble.  I started on the 522 a while ago and it finally broke and I had to get a new pump.  I was thinking of the Animas, because it looked pretty durable, but when Medtronics shipped me an emergency loaner pump in a day and a half,over the weekend,  I was so impressed that I thought I had better stick with Medtronics, then adding the CGM that reads on the pump made a lot of sense too.  Before the CGM my A1c was 6.4, last week it had dropped to 5.9.  So this stuff really works.