If at anytime you feel that there is someone spamming Juvenation, please report it to me directly and I will take care of it ASAP.


How much do you bolus for having spam?  Sorry.  Couldn't resist.  Of course you'll be notified.  :)

Have you been running into cases of spam lately?? I would scramble an egg....

No seriously are you running into spam often now??

whats that? sorry but i am no computer expert.


Spammers are people who try to sell something on this website that has nothing to do with diabetes or write you directly to endorse a product that will cure your diabetes, or you keep seeing the same person writing the same thing over and over again. With the same exact wording on every post.

Has there been any? Story time??

Yes, I stopped it and deleted them right away.

Gina to the rescue! :D

[quote user="Alyssa"]

Gina to the rescue! :D


GOOOOO gina! get those ppl out of here!



I don' t even know what that means :-) But if you tell me I will keep my eyes peeled and let you know.

Papa Jon

ok I didn't look at the whole thread. oops please ignore me :-)

I did notice over the past few weeks people starting posts that said "hey this is great check out this website", but they also had a large number of posts...any idea how to evaluate whether someone is an established member (based on number of posts or anything else?)?