Spartan races

Hey guys,
I am looking into doing an 8 mile spartan race. I’ve done the tough mountain challenge, but that was significantly shorter and with less difficult obstacles. I was just wondering if you guys had any ideas about how to deal with the care of my disease during this race.

run at least 1 race as tough as what you are expecting, and check your bs a lot. When I am going against something that is high effort and long duration, I cut back on my basal rate (I pump) to 0% or 10% of normal, starting 40 minutes ahead of the workout. I make sure I do not have “insulin on board” ( within 4 hours after a bolus or shot of short acting meal insulin). if you are not comfortable with changing your basal rate or long acting insulin shot - check with your doctor or CDE. bring fast carbs. good luck.

Thanks for the ideas!