Special Request

A while back we had a young person be very troll like on this site. I don't hold grudges or anything like that. I've been trying to help him.

 To the point....In he's getting help, he's Dr. says he needs to right he's wrong!!! I will without question except what ever the people of this site think.

 Can we give "Eric Scott" chance to try and right what he did wrong.

Do we give him a 2nd chance????


he is free to do whatever he wishes. i've already given him 3 chances (more if you count all his alternate personalities). i choose not to communicate with him, but others may wish to let him try again. i have an incredibly hard time trusting anything he says. that's just me, though :o)

Totally understand C!!! Just me if someone asks for help I try even when I shouldn't. LOL

I think he's had enough chances personally. I would never be able to believe anything he posted, even if it was true.

Kind of thought that with most people here. Talk about burning the path behind you. LOL I told him if he wants to say sorry I would post it for him. I support you guys!!! Figured it never hurt to ask!! Heck I am a guy I heard NO before, I can take it!! ROFLMAO

haha if he wants to apologize, that's great but i just wouldn't start talking to him again even then. :)

Thanks Batts. He just wants to apologize, as a step to try and right a wrong.

I've only been here for about 8 months and only seen him once. I still don't know If i could trust him though. I would love to accept his apology, and maybe try to start to accept him. hopefully he's changed!