Speed Racer!

How fast can you do your set change! I think my fastest was 2 minutes.

one or two hands?

With the lights on or off?

jk - I am pretty slow actually =)

@Joe LOL you just cracked me up!

With two hands and the lights on! LOLOLOL

Lights off? No! Please tell me you’re joking.

I have to be home, lights one, clean hands, preferably with soothing music or some TV show on to distract me. The cat has to be outside. And I have to be taking deep, soothing breaths.

Never realized I was such a baby. No wonder it takes me about 5+ minutes to change sites. Considering all the “prep” time it probably takes 10. =)

Though the other night I woke up and set had come out (darn leg sites!). I changed it in my sleep rather quickly. No soothing music and who knows where the cat was.