SPI belts

I am getting ready to order a SPIbelt. I saw they had one with a dual pocket which features two separate expandable pockets on the left and right side which might be nice to carry glucose tabs etc. Also wondering if you liked it. 

Wondered if anyone had ordered one of the dual pocket models and if so how you liked it.

Since my son is is 14 and the only color he cares about now is black the diabetes belt looks good but want to check on what other experience pumpers have had with this belt.


I just stumbled upon this thread. Did you ever end up ordering the SPI Belt or not yet. I am quite intrigued as I could so use something like this. I do so many different things and sometimes it is a pain in the bum to find shorts with pockets for my pump and cgm. Let me know if you did order one of these and how it works out. Thanks.

I did order a SPIbelt and its a petty neat tool. They have one for diabetes -(I did not get that one)  it has a sewn reinforced hole next to the zipper. My son failed to listen to me and closed the zipper all the way damaging the tubing. NOw he closes it to within 1/4 inch and that works fine.

I looked at all of those belts for a long time - I think next time I would either order the diabetes belt or they have one I really liked with an extra pocket located a few inches from the pouch. That would have been ideal for a glycernia bar or glucose tabs and even keys and credit cards.

It looks great for those who exercise a lot. The pocket or pouch fits the pump snuggly and although it does not appear to when you first open it up it does stretch. A very comfortable belt also.


So the normal sized belt can hold the pump in it securely, and you said it is expandable a little bit. Do you think it would be possible to fit something else in there as well, like something the size of a granola bar? Or is this why you were interested in the two pocket belt?

The belt should allow you to carry a granola bar in the same pouch as the pump. I thought about doing that also but thought that if things shifted - even with the limited movement - the bar of glucose tabs might press the buttons on the pump however that is just speculation on my part.

I am so investigating this. Thanks for the info. Sorry though no one answered your original question, but hey I got an answer.

I have the one-pocket SPI belt.  It does a good job of not jostling around when I'm running, but I wish I had gotten the 2-pocket one...  I just have too much stuff with the pump, CGM receiver, stuff for lows, chapstick, etc.  I did get a Nathan running belt for when I do the half-marathon in May...  this holds a lot more stuff and has multiple compartments, but I haven't tried it out yet to see if it stays in place.  (Oh, and I did not get the pink one, although that's the color it seems to default to when you go to the page.  :) )



I ordered the one pocket belt. If I like it enough I will get a two pocket one as well. Thanks guys.