Spike After Eating

Hi guys,

What does your sugar spike to after eating? This morning I was at 204 1h after eating and it freaked me out.....I hate being in the 200s.  Will this cause complications?  My A1c is 6.6 what do you think?


What does your sugar spike to after eating? Do you have complications?

Thanks so much guys!

mornings are tough because I tend to be more insulin resistant in the mornings.  I take more insulin per carb in the AM than I do for lunch or dinner.  I try to take my fast acting about 15-20 minutes before I eat in the morning to help.  avoiding cereal helps (me) too.  a little bit of exercise like walking helps a meal spike.  what was your bs before the meal?  what kind of carbs did you eat?  did you do anything different? are you getting a cold?  most people check at +2 hours.

if I am not being lazy I can keep a post meal rise to about 50-75 above where I was before I ate.  At 2 hours after a meal, you are supposed to be about +50ish then you know you took about the right amount of insulin.

if a random bs 200's or 300's caused complications that fast i'd be dead a long time ago so I am going to say no, you aren't going to see complications from a short term spike.  

a1c of 6.6 is great.  keep up the great work.  yes I have complications from 30+ years of this.